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Based in Berlin, DRAW A LINE was established in 2013 as an art publisher dedicated to publishing limited edition prints.

The focus is on international emerging artists with their roots in street culture, which we believe is contemporary art in the purest form. Our unique prints are the direct result of the collaboration between artists, screen printers and us.

Although this new and vibrant art scene has been on the rise all around the world, it is still difficult to find a platform that makes it accessible to people who appreciate it. Most of these talented artists are not represented by exclusive and elite galleries, and some of you may not be able to justify the price tag at such institutions.

We are three friends who share passion for urban and contemporary art, and felt a sense of mission to fill this niche.

We realized that we could help contribute to this scene by offering handcrafted limited print editions of the emerging artists to an international audience who share the same passion. We want to share with you, the stories behind each artwork, artist and the movement, and thereby promote up-and-coming international talents.

Luckily we have a strong worldwide network of artists as a result of our extensive involvement in the graffiti and urban art scene as artists, organisers and curators. In addition, all three of us have over a decade of experience in the digital world as freelance programmers and web designers. So combining art and the internet was a logical step for us.

We understand that good business relationships don’t just happen. It must be a win-win for everyone, keeping all players happy based on a foundation of trust. This is why keeping transparency and honesty throughout production to sales is extremely important to us.

We are based in Berlin, the creative and tech hub of international repute.

The German capital provides lots of room for new projects and creative talents – we could not hope for a better place to do what we do, working together with artists from all over the globe. Our headquarters in Neukölln, the latest borough of Berlin to be hailed as the center of evolution, are something between a studio and a showroom. We work here and we show here. If you are interested in visiting and viewing our collection with us, please send us an email and we’ll try to find a time that suits us both. We do have to get some work done here too, after all.

Visit us at:
Thiemannstraße 1, 12059 Berlin (Neukölln)

By appointment only

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We’d love to hear from you! If you are interested in our project, have any questions, feel free to contact us or send us a tweet with your thoughts.

DRAW A LINE Studio and Showroom in Berlin
DRAW A LINE Studio and Showroom in Berlin